Lose that Bra; it’s Not Good for You

by Daniel / May 08, 2017 / 0 comments

A certain professor by the name Jean-Denis Rouillon has been studying women breasts for 15 years to find out that those who like wearing bra experience more sagging breasts than those who don’t.  In one of his studies at the University Hospital of Besancon, the professor noted full 7mm sag just 12 months after wearing a bra.

Professor Rouillon noted that bras do not offer any significant benefit to women and they cause more damage.

In another study that involved volunteers of ages 18 to 35, the professor and his medical team found that those who did not wear bras have firmer breasts that don’t have stretch marks compared to others who had bras on. The researchers used a device known as a caliber to measure the distance between the breasts together with the slide rule.

This is not the first time that such a study is being conducted, in 1990; some Japanese researchers ran a similar test with the same result as Professor Rouillon’s.

The Study

This study showed clearly that wearing bras does not have any benefit to the breasts. If you want to prevent your boobs from drooping over time, your best bet is to stop wearing bras

Those who make and sell bras claim that they prevent the breasts from sagging, especially for those who are on the larger side. Some are even marketed to offer better comfort and fewer back aches while some are appealing but the wearers do not show them on the streets.

This research complicates everything that bras stand for. Your breasts have suspension muscles that become weak when you wear a bra, causing them to droop. This is something that you never want to happen.