Keep Dental Plaque Away by Consuming These Foods

by Daniel / Mar 14, 2017 / 0 comments

Eating too much sugary foods causes leads to the development of plaque. The plaque bacteria are strong and break down your teeth enamel to cause tooth decay. The plaque bacteria also affect your gums and bones to trigger inflammation.

While there are some foods that cause plaque buildup, there are some that can help you avoid dental plaque. The best ones are the following:

Green Tea

This drink has polyphenols that suppress the bacteria that cause plaque. Drink it plain without adding sugars or lemon.

Cranberry Juice

This juice has proanthocyanidins that stop the bacteria from attaching themselves in the teeth and gums. The juice also interferes with the enzymes that lead to plaque to stop its formation.

Hard Cheese

Eating cheese activates your salivary glands so your mouth produces more saliva. This makes it easy for the mouth to wash plaque away.

Fiber-Rich Veggies and Fruits

Foods with high amounts of fiber have detergent like effects inside the mouth. These foods also encourage the flow of saliva and this makes it easier to prevent cavities, plaque and gum problems.

Chewing No Sugar Gums

You can chew sugar-free gums that keep your saliva flowing and also removes food particles in your mouth.

Shiitake Mushrooms

These types of mushrooms have Lentanin, a type of sugar that eliminates plaque from teeth.