Is that a Mole or a Sign of Skin Cancer?

by Daniel / Mar 13, 2017 / 0 comments

It has been noted that about 20 percent of Americans who develop skin cancer failed to read the signs for early cancer detection. Not all forms of skin cancer are fatal but Melanoma is quite common and is the most dangerous.

Melanoma vs. Common Mole

Melanoma is treatable when detected at an early stage. You need to talk to a medical doctor if you suspect that you have a mole in any part of the body. It is important to note that Melanoma can appear as a blemish or a mark on the skin. Take this test to know if your mole is a sign of skin cancer:

Is the mole asymmetrical?

If one half of your mole does not look like the other half then it may be cancerous.

Does the mole have border irregularity?

If the mole has blurred borders then it could be because of melanoma.

What color is it?

Moles that are dark or have different shades of color may be a sign of melanoma.

What’s the diameter of the mole?

Moles come in different sizes but talk to a doctor if it’s bigger than a pencil eraser.

Did the mole evolve?

If your mole changes color, size or shape, it could be very dangerous and you should seek immediate medical consultation.