Is It Ok To Hold In Gas?

by Daniel / May 07, 2017 / 0 comments

Passing wind requires some bit of skill and you have to look for the perfect place and time to release whatever that wants freedom. You cannot pass wind anywhere for instance you cannot let loose during a meeting or in an airplane, its just wrong.

Is it okay to hold it in until the perfect moment? Continue reading to find out.

Everyone collects intestinal gas and this is gas that you have unknowingly swallowed as well as the gas produced from the food that we consume. You will collect gas as long as you’re eating, speaking or laughing. According to experts, people pass gas about fourteen times every day.

Due to the fact that you cannot pass gas anywhere, you are left with no choice but to hold it in. Holding it in for a little while is okay but if you are doing it for long, then you're risking your own health.

I know most of you have done have done it a few times and it is not comfortable at all, don’t act like you haven’t!  If you hold it in for long, some marble-sized pockets develop in your colon applying pressure to the walls. Waste products can collect in these pockets and cause infections. This is the time you are at risk of develop diverticulitis, a life threatening condition.

When more intestinal gas collects in your colon, you can get hemorrhoids. The intestinal gas can even mix with the blood and poison your organs. Intestinal gas is toxic and the smell proves that. The gas can even make your breath reek.

When you have an urge to pass gas and you don’t want to hold it in because of the risks that we have highlighted, hold it in as you find the right moment to break air.