Incredible Health Benefits of Watermelon

by Daniel / Mar 27, 2017 / 0 comments

One of the best ways to cool down during summertime is by having some watermelon. This fruit will leave you refreshed and add some health benefits to your body. The following are some of the health benefits that are worth mentioning:

Watermelon reduces blood pressure

This fruit has high amounts of potassium and magnesium and these two reduce blood pressure significantly.  Potassium is a vasodilator that relieves tension from the arteries and blood vessels. Watermelon also has carotenoids that prevent the walls of the arteries from hardening and this prevents the occurrence of a blood clot.

Cuts body fat

Watermelon has citrulline, a property that prevents the accumulation of body fat. Citrulline is converted into arginine by the kidneys and thus blocks fat cells from producing more fat in the body.

Watermelon is a Diuretic Fruit that also Supports Kidneys

This fruit increases the flow of urine without straining your kidneys. It also supports your liver in processing ammonia and this helps the kidneys to get rid of excess fluids.

Supports the nerves and muscles

The potassium in watermelon acts as a natural electrolyte and this regulates the action of the nerves and the muscles.

Assists Diabetics

Watermelon has all the nutrients that a diabetic needs. Although watermelons are sweet, 90 percent of the fruit is water. Also, the presence of high amounts of potassium and magnesium is a good thing because they regulate the production of insulin.

Better Heart Health

Watermelon has lycopene, a beta-carotene that has anti-aging properties that can protect you from cardiac complications that are related to age.

Better Eye Health

The beta-carotene in this fruit is converted into vitamin A. this vitamin is responsible for eye pigmentation; it also protects you from nigh blindness and macular degeneration.