How to Turn Any Soup into a Healthy Soup

by Daniel / Mar 14, 2017 / 0 comments

A bowl of soup comes in handy when the temperatures drop. There are many store-bought soup varieties but nothing comes close to a homemade soup with fresh ingredients.  A homemade soup is the best as you are in control of the taste.

The fact is, soup should not just be tasty, and it should be healthy too. Here are some tips to make soup healthier:

Mix and Match the Ingredients

Your chicken noodle soup may not have the spiciness that you want. Perhaps, your beef soup may not be as thick as you want it to be. The solution, mix the two and you will have a bulkier soup with extra flavors.

Add Vegetables

This is the best way to make soup healthier. It’s also very easy to make as you have the freedom to throw in any vegetable you want i.e. spinach, onions, carrots, potatoes,  arugula, cabbages and many more.

Add Fiber

You can add whole grains to your soup to make it healthier. If you have some extra brown rice or whole grain pasta, just add them to your soup. If you don’t like grains then add some beans instead especially cannellini beans for Italian style soup pr black peas and pinto for some southwestern soup.

Add Puree

Puree will make your soup tastier and nutritious. You can puree boiled pumpkin or butternut squash. This will also make your soup creamier than the ones you can buy from a store.

Always pick the right ingredients when you are making soup to make it more nourishing. Find the freshest ingredients for a hearty and healthy soup.