How to Treat an Ear Infection before it gets Worse

by Daniel / Mar 04, 2017 / 0 comments

Having an earache can be the worst feeling ever and in most cases, earaches are caused by an ear infection. The ear infection can be caused by a bacterium or virus and has the following symptoms.

Redness near the ears




Throbbing pain

Hearing loss

Ringing in the ears

Ear infections are commonly treated by antibiotics but in most cases, ear infections will go away on their own. Many people go for treatment to ease the symptoms but antibiotics can only do so much especially when it’s a middle ear infection. Antibiotics also have side effects.

Causes of Ear Infection

Ear infections especially middle ear infections are common in children under the age of six. Also, 30 million adults in the US visit medical centers due to ear infections. Everyone can get an ear infection due to the following reasons:

Swimming in public pools with other children who are infected

Ear wax buildup

Environmental allergies

Nutritional deficiencies


How to Treat an Ear Infection

If you have an ear infection, chances are it’s as a result of a virus more than bacteria; therefore, antibiotics may not work. Use the following natural remedies for ear infection:

Basil helps to remove minor ear infections and earaches. Just crush the basil leaves and extract the juice. Apply on the area not the canal. You can combine basil extracts with coconut oil for better results.

Garlic oil cures ear infections from the inside as it has antiviral properties. Use two warm drops every day to cure the problem.

Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that cure ear infections. Rub it around the area or combine with coconut oil for better results.

You can prevent ear infections by washing your hands regularly, avoiding smoking or second hand smoke and by staying away from overcrowded places. For toddlers, ensure that they don’t use pacifiers and always make sure that they are immunized.