How to Stop a Heart Attack As Soon as It Happens

by Daniel / Mar 15, 2017 / 0 comments

A heart attack is scary and can end your life in minutes. But according to Dr. Richard Schulz, this one ingredient can save your life by stopping a heart attack in just one minute. This special ingredient is cayenne pepper; it is a popular type of chili pepper and is strong enough to prevent heart attacks.

How to Use Cayenne Pepper to Stop a Heart Attack

If you have a family member who has a heart disease or is prone to a heart attack then you should always have a cup of cayenne pepper tea ready. Preparing this tea is easy, simply take a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and add it to a cup of water. Give this tea to the person who may suffer from a heart attack and he/she will be safe.  Make sure that the person is conscious before providing the tea.

10 drop of the tea is enough to prevent a heart attack but if the situation does not improve, add another 10 drops. If the person is unconscious, only put 90,000 Scoville units under the patient’s tongue and wait. You can perform CPR techniques if you know how in order to quicken the action of the tea.

Why Cayenne Peppers?

 Cayenne peppers are strong stimulants and do not affect a person’s alertness. Instead, they promote better heart rate for normal blood flow. These peppers also have homeostatic effects and are very successful at stopping bleeding. Cayenne peppers also help the heart to recover at a fast rate.

Disclaimer: this solution should be taken only as a fast aid treatment. Seek immediate medical attention in case of an emergency.