How to make your own kombucha

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In this article you will find out how to make your own kombucha. We found two methods that we would like to share, use them to improve your health. You will find both methodsthem bellow:

How to make your own kombucha (Method 1):

Obtaining this drink is quite laborious, but it can be done at home, as we shall see below:

• in a bowl with a liter of boiling water, put 2 teaspoons of black tea, cover and leave to infuse for 30 minutes then filter and mix well with 100 g sugar.

• the tea obtained like this needs to cool completely, until it reaches the room temperature, then you put it in a jar.

• then to the jar is added a layer of gelatinous Kombucha with yeast (deposits on the bottom) of an old culture, after which it will cover the jar with a cheesecloth.

• the tea with sugar will ferment immediately, but let it stand 8-12 days, then filter. This time is required for this colony of friendly microorganisms to consume sugar and turn it into substances with healing effects.

• after 12 days, you filter everything through a cheesecloth, and the resulting liquid is placed in bottles that are kept cool (shelf life is 15 days), while the remaining gelatinous mass is used for new crops.

When preparing Kombucha must keep in mind a few basic things: first, all the containers used for preparing, must be very clean, without a trace of food that could spoil this culture. Also, soaking should not be made in unhygienic places with heavy odors or more steam, because it alters the quality of the product. Use only black tea (Thea sinensis), because this fungus does not grow other plants infusion. ( for more health tips check )

How to make your own kombucha (Method 2):

How to make your own kombucha

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