How to increase breast size naturally? Big natural breasts, natural breast enlargement

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Perhaps not many people believe and especcially the medical world prefer to keep us in the shade on this subject, but breast augmentation can be performed even by natural methods.

It is a desirable option regardless of what we want to achieve, it is a beautiful body or bigger breasts. And when I say desirable, I'm not only thinking about the cost, but also for the security of the method compared to breast augmentation surgery.

I need to start by mentioning about the capacity of breasts development. Every woman has a certain constitution, and this constitution will allow to increase their breasts up to a certain point, if you don't choose to resort to surgery that can have unintended long-term consequences on your health.

However, if you apply these breast enhancement methods recommended in the following lines, simultaneously and with perseverance, the results will be even faster and more impressive.

1. Foods that increase breast size
Foods that prohibited by any nutritionist or anyone who knows something about nutrition, such as sweets with sugar, meat filled with growth hormones, pastries, certain food additives, synthetic, are forbidden and not recommended and about those who wish to get larger breasts through natural methods.

All these unhealthy foods will likely lead to breast augmentation, but can cause an increase in breast size unseemly - they became soft and shapeless ( "puffy" appearance, flabby of many women in the West, where prevailing diet of this type), which Why, of course, I do not think you want.

Instead, a lactovegetarian diet with more vegetables and fresh fruit, is likely to create your premises for a harmonious development of not only your breast, but the entire body.

Besides this natural way of eating for breast enlargement, there is what might be called food-drug for breast growth and these are: black olives, virgin olive oil, soybeans and especially the seeds of soybean, wheat germ and oil wheat germ, leaves, flowers and seeds of dill, celery leaves, walnut kernels, roasted peanuts, roasted sunflower seeds.

These foods for breast enhancement should be consumed in big quantities for a period of time of at least 6 months.

2. Plants for hormonal stimulation that helps breast growth
Next blend of herbs has great results for breast growth: dill seed (Anethum graveolens), licorice root (Glyciriza glabra), blossoming basil (Ocimum basilicum), aniseed (Pimpinella anisum). Transform the plants in powder, then mix in equal parts; take 1 teaspoon of this mixture 3 times daily on an empty stomach. The plant is placed under the tongue for fifteen minutes, then swallow with water.

A effective variant of this method for the treatment of breast growth is the exact same mixture of herbal tinctures.

Mention! Women experiencing benign tumors will not include in the mix for breast augmentation the licorice (which has a powerful estrogen), but with a week before the cycle will take 1 teaspoon of sage powder 3 times a day .

3. Breast Massage
The most effective massage technique for breast enhancement proved to be the known as "Dr. Chang method" that follows:

Massage for breast enhancement is sitting upright, pressing with the heel of his right leg the clitoris (the area above the urethra)
The pressure achieved with the mentioned right heel must be moderate, but firm enough to create even an erotic athmosphere.
With the apearance of the erotic sensations, you can be starting massaging both breasts simultaneously with circular motions for growth, which are slowly but intensely (to keep the erotic).
In this created favorable inner state, it evokes an intense process of growth and harmonization of breasts, viewing from the interior how breasts old and harmonious interior . In this massage it is very important for breast enlargement daily perseverance and creative imagination.

Medicated oils for massage to breast growth
The process described above can become even more effective in achieving massage with specific herbal extract. Once penetrated into the skin stimulation characteristics they perform in the breasts, these remedies amplify the natural process of their growth.

Among herbal remedies for breast enlargement the most famous deserve mention:

Wheat germ oil
It is a product that can be bought anywhere in most health food stores; is applied in moderate doses, 1-3 times per day. Estrogen effect and is rich in vitamin E, so it is a great oil to breast growth.

Dill oil
It is one of the most promoted oils and ingredients for breast growth. It is a preparation that can be achieved by anyone by soaking seeds of dill, finely ground using an electric grinder in vegetable oil (preferably olive oil). The ratio used is generally 30 grams of powdered seeds of dill 200 ml of olive oil.

Let it soak for 3 weeks, then filter and discard the rest of the plant. The resulting oil, strong flavor will be used 2-3 times a day. In the first phase it may experience mild pain in the breasts (it is a common phenomenon in most natural methods to increase their) which will disappear after 4-5 days of treatment.

The amount of oil used for breast enlargement for a massage for breast growth to be moderate; Oil is added only to the extent that it can be absorbed into the skin without difficulty.

Mention! Women experiencing inflammatory states in the breasts or nodules, will not use these massage oils.

4. Sexual intercourse with continence
Maybe it one of the best kept secrets of women who want to become more beautiful and sensual. Experience has shown that women who make love with continence can increase rapidly their breasts with over 50% in just a few months they become full, firm and beautiful.

You may wonder how this happens, as you can big breasts not reaching orgasm: when a woman makes love, the amount of hormones secreted by the body or will greatly increase, which in a few tens of minutes will result in a classic symptom - increasing breast volume. But when orgasm, breasts suddenly become flaccid, and she constellation hormonal changes quickly, and after several downloads usually also not just breasts, but the whole body loses its firmness and youth.

The conclusion is obvious: if you want to you have big breasts, full and beautiful, make love, but seeks to not reach orgasm. ( for more health tips visit )

Turning to natural breast enlargement methods!

The only natural methods of breast enlargement guaranteed successfully tested in recent years in the US and U.E. are based on a collection of exercises and techniques body synthesized from medical research, methods of physical therapy, natural treatments for hormonal stimulation, along with a plan adequate food, together yielding results guaranteed and irreversible, leading to a breast augmentation 1 -2 respective sizes 10 to 15 centimeters in circumference at breast level - regardless of the subject's genetic data in maximum 2-3 months.