How to improve brain function? Brain training, exercises, mindfood

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People who train their brain, IQ retain even with age. For this there are several possibilities. For a desired effect, we recommend a combination of tips below to ensure the necessary variety. Here are some exercises that can combat memory loss.

Worth reading
Spending time watching TV makes you tired brain. Performances and broadcasts often pass along viewers. It might like to build our own images in the brain, which is possible, for example, by reading a book. Readers who fail to be captivated by a story stimulates your imagination and thus brain activity.

Stimulating creativity
Ability brain is stimulated not only by intense learning. In particular, the right half of the brain can be activated through creative processes. Through painting, music or tinkering you can combine business with pleasure. Also: the more halves of the brain are stimulated Similarly, the more good collaboration between them.

Those who languish, rust
This saying applies to the brain. To stimulate the nerve cells, you have many possibilities at hand: you can take a computer course, you can try to read a newspaper in a foreign language may have ignored it for several years, you can do crosswords and the list goes on forever .

Stress is harmful. If unavoidable, you should try to actively combat it. For some, it is enough if you listen to music for half an hour. Others feel relaxed after a walk, while others prefer relaxation methods like yoga or autogenous training. No matter what, make sure your thinking respite center.

Satisfy your curiosity
The little ones satisfying curiosity through countless questions that aimed at adults and the new things they want to try. Childhood is the most intense learning volume. Curiosity, or desire to research varied interests can keep the brain functioning, as we have processed impressions.

Gossiping is allowed
Maintain social contacts mental health. There is no need to debating intellectual themes. Even sharing the latest news over a cup of coffee will put your brain to work. What are you waiting: make your appointment!

Clues to Memory
Each person uses their own means to be able to better remember things. Make your own rhyme to help you in everyday life. Those with a more developed photographic memory, can be used to store phone numbers or codes.

Break the routine
Choose a new route to work, wear the other hand clock or try to write with the other hand. Although it may seem unreasonable, so the brain will be requested and will form new neural connections (synapses).

Healthy lifestyle
Regular movement outdoors, balanced diet and adequate hydration are important both for the body and for the mood. Because the brain works particularly smoothly when fed enough. Among the nutrients required and include certain proteins and acids, but also substances like fat such as lecithin and vitamins. The latter protects against free radicals (A, C, E) or supports brain function (vitamin B). A short concentration disorder may be due to hypoglycemia or shortages of liquid.

Get rid of daily
Hobbies several years in a row, the same job and the same circle of acquaintances - can be overwhelming monotony. Even if the inhibition threshold is sometimes high, the novelty introduced in daily guarantees greater vitality in the brain. Explore and try many new experiences as you.

Take pen in hand
By writing focuses thoughts. But many people feel stuck in front of a white sheet of paper. A simple way to start would be by filling in a diary. Their feelings are usually easier to play in words.

Always with humor
Laughter is a liberating effect, it is fun and brings people together. But did you know that laughter is important for the brain? The brain understands the joke even before the signal smile, look not so simple as we might think. ( for more health tips visit )

An anecdote will get first heard in the speech center, where it will be analyzed. By transferring from the left half in the right balance is achieved and is determined to what extent the content corresponding emotion. Once the brain decides it funny, the center motor is the activated and stimulated smile. Here's how the "sport" of thinking can be fun and easy.