How to get rid of cellulite? Cellulite cream, treatment, causes, removal, exercises

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Summer is coming and with it and the modern outfits. Unfortunately, the joy of sunny days of countless women suffers because of deposits of cellulite. 9 out of 10 women aged over 30 years are affected by having a skin looking like an orange peel. Cellulite is not a cosmetic problem but affection - which is not a consolation for ladies affected. But there is a method by which to remove unwanted deposits of fat. It requires discipline and endurance training to strengthen muscles and connective tissues. Through regular practice of sport and a healthy eating plan, cellulite layer can be successfully reduced. Additional massage and proper skin care will prevent the formation of new deposits.

Special structure of connective tissue in women
Deposits unsightly are found exclusively among women because there is a connection with the specific structure of connective tissue and skin structure: layers of women's skin are thinner than men's fat, the cells in the subcutaneous layer are thicker and connected more freely by connective tissue.

This is how nature takes care that in the case of pregnancy, the skin to be flexible to cope with changes - growing abdomen, pelvis dilation before birth. That is why many women experience cellulite period just after birth.

Cellulite formation
Cellulite occurs when fat cells are deposited too many fat molecules. The cells expand, pushing up and become visible externally, with orange peel appearance. In addition, the cells expanded pushing blood vessels and the lymphatic around. Stagnant liquid tissue and cell supply is affected. The dead cells are not removed and are stored in tissues.

Estrogen, the female sex hormone supports the formation of fat cells and the deposition of water and the tissue becomes softer - it represents one of the side effects of oral contraceptives. Stress is also a factor influencing fat cells and contribute to cellulite, just like smoking, as nicotine weakens connective tissue.

How can we combat cellulite?
Given that cellulite starts from deeper layers of the skin, in advanced stages, it can not be combated only through the application of creams and gels on the skin. It takes a whole combination of healthy eating, skin care, massage, sports activities to combat cellulite.

10 practical tips against cellulite
Through a simple application of creams, you will not be able to escape or to prevent unsightly buildup. For toned legs, you will have to invest more time. Massage with a cellulite cream, stimulating circulation through warm showers -cold alternative, a diet low in fat and high in vitamins and sport must care orientation program.

Patience and discipline are also important because the effects of care are seen after a few months. When depositing more severe cellulite, diet and exercise are the most important. Regarding other methods such as vacuum therapy, electrotherapy and anti-cellulite stockings, they should be discussed with your doctor

Sport activities
Problem areas should be tackled through specific exercises, for which sport tops the list. The move strengthens the muscles, stimulates circulation and provide sufficient oxygen to burn fat.

The removal of fat and muscle formation. The more muscle, the more calories are burned because the metabolic activity of muscle cells is stronger than the fat cells.
Strength training in sports halls or gymnastic exercises specific problem areas (muscle training workout for legs, abdomen and buttocks) are very effective. The skin becomes taut - but it requires patience and endurance. Ideally, it is recommended three weekly sessions of 30 minutes each.
The most suitable cellulite sports are cycling, running, walking or swimming. And jumping on minitrampoline recommended because it stimulates metabolism by burning fat and protect joints.
Eating in cellulite
Hydration is important enough to stretch the skin. Drink at least 2 liters of fluid daily. Start with a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning immediately upon waking. In food, pay attention to the amount of salt and fat intake. Fruits and vegetables, especially those high in potassium (potatoes, apricots, bananas), ginger and artichokes help eliminate metabolic waste from the body.

Drink 2 to 3 liters of fluid daily. You stimulate metabolic disposal. It is recommended herbal teas and mineral water with low sodium.
Drink coffee, tea and alcohol only in small quantities.
Reduce your intake of salt, sugar and meat in exchange for whole grain products, fruits and vegetables.
Avoid weight gain and try to get rid of extra pounds.
Skincare affected by cellulite
The effect of cellulite massages preparations and is accompanied by numerous debates. Tests conducted in eight weeks time on these solutions have shown no effect. However, the new creams and gels with sugar molecules, caffeine, and ginkgo silicon create a very pleasant sensation to the skin. ( for more health tips visit )

A bath with algae extracts and sea salts, before applying skin creams will enhance responsiveness to the active substances. In addition, the effect of daily massage while applying the cream will stimulate circulation. Gently massage in a clockwise followed by a pinch:

Pinch massage: lift the skin with the fingertips of both hands, gently press and drag slightly upward. Begin to move forward from the hips and buttocks.
Showers alternative (3 series of showers: first hot, then cold) they will stimulate blood circulation in the skin. Create your daily morning ritual.
Massage (using gloves massage rollers or special devices). You will boost your metabolism and elimination of metabolic wastes. Massage the affected area daily, from the bottom up.