How to gain weight? Heathy Advices

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Tips for healthy muscle formation

In addition to healthy eating, sport is an important factor for those who want to gain weight. If the extra pounds are deposited as fat, the risk of heart disease and the circulatory system would not delay appearing. Muscle growth can be achieved through a combination of regular exercise and diet rich in protein. For starters, we recommend lightweight strength and gymnastics workouts that you can practice in most gyms.


Many gyms offer expert advice to ease integration. You can also call the sports associations or personal trainers. Movement outdoors stimulates appetite. It is important to train at least 30 minutes 2-3 times a week. Not recommended workouts muscle endurance during training because exercises for endurance leads to weight loss.


Smokers should think twice: smoking affects both athletic performance and metabolism. Quitting smoking might help to gain weight desired weight.


Special case: children


Many parents are desperate for food fads of children, although the strength of the smaller stages are very normal, almost every child goes through. The rule behind them lies the desire to capture the attention of parents and to measure the forces and adults.


The situation can become problematic when refusing food lasts a longer period of time and when it is added to decrease appetite and fatigue life. Then it's time to seek medical advice.


Here are some tips to stimulate the appetite of the young:


Have lunch with all the familiarity preferably at fixed

Avoid distractions during meals, such as games, TV or contradictory discussions

Do not eat sweets, snacks or drinks before eating nourishing

Allow them to reach food to children, to smell

Decorate preparations - food must have an appealing appearance

Weight loss in old age - when nothing seems to have taste

With aging and is accompanied by weight loss. Metabolism decreases in intensity, energy demand decreases too. On the other hand appear and chewing dental problems, which hampers food. To these are added and reduced sense of taste - foods seem to have all the same taste, while just in old age should maintain our forces because the body becomes more exposed to infections.


When everything seems to taste bad, we can call the spices stronger (less salt). Assimilation of food can be simplified by passing food. Feeding liquid available in pharmacies, stewed fruit, yogurt, rice milk, puddings alternative is to avoid weight loss in old age. ( for more health tips visit )


10 Foods for a rapid weight gain

Salad dressing oil, olives and sunflower seeds

Oils and cream soups

Canned vegetable oil, such as tomatoes

Vegetables seasoned with hardened rapeseed oil, butter or cream

Fish and meat prepared baked with a crust of cheese

Sauces with cream

Fruit compote with cream and nuts


Milkshakes and yoghurt drinks

Snacks such as chocolate, nuts, dried fruit