How did an American lost over 100 kilograms in one year

by admin / Sep 22, 2016 / 0 comments

Jarve Hall, a former high school football player in Oregon (USA), has gone from 248 kilograms to 121 kilograms in one year after participating in a famous American show.

The American says it began to gain weight in school, because he was "delighted" by the way he looked and aimed to gain weight as much as possible.

"I started to get fat in school. People told me that if you are larger, are more masculine, more powerful. I was excited, I wanted to be big, "Hall told in the famous reality show.

When he decided to marry, Hall wanted to escape the pack of weight that made him proud once and he asked for help coach Chris Powell, an American star in the world of fitness.

After 12 months of diet and exercise, the man managed to lose half of the weight that he had when he joined the show and says that his whole world changed because of this performance.

"My world is different now because I can appreciate the little things in life. I could fly sitting on one seat on the plane. I do not have to worry about where I sit. I can walk with my wife and I enjoy it. It's wonderful, "said Jarve Hall, which will soon become a father for the first time. ( for more health tips visit )

The ambition that Hall showed during the contest impressed Chris Powell. "It is the embodiment of perseverance and ambition. He watched each day as a new beginning and has reached its goal, "Powell said