Homemade Drink for Liver Detoxification and Maintaining Hormone Balance

by Daniel / Jun 12, 2017 / 0 comments

Not only does this cola taste great, it is highly nutritious and has hormone-balancing properties. It’s good for your liver too.

Feel free to modify the following recipe.

For two servings you need:

4 teaspoons of the sweetener of your choice i.e.  liquid stevia, honey or maple syrup

4 drops of lime essential oil

2 drops of cardamom essential oil

4 drops of orange essential oils

2 drops of nutmeg essential oil

2 drops of lemon essential oil

2 drops cinnamon essential oil

4 teaspoons of vanilla extract

How to Prepare

Put all the essential oils into the vanilla extract

Add your sweetener

Add two glasses of bubbly water

Serve the cola chilled.

Health Benefits

This drink has lemon, orange and lime essential oils and they have limonene, a substance that reverses fatty liver and prevents insulin resistance. It also supports liver functions and clears bacteria and carcinogens.