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What is vegan diet. Vegan life, food, recipes, essentials

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Vegan diet requires giving up all animal foods. To all? And what we can eat without putting our health at risk? These are among the questions that I hear most often vegans. However feel good, without consuming animal products and food.

Natural antibiotics, magical cures for body and soul

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Until the discovery of penicillin, the first antobiotic made man, nature gave us all necessary remedies to treat various diseases or of various diseases. Today, synthetic antibiotics have become a common thing in everyone's life and people are turning to them becoming more and sometimes indiscriminate. I just looked so mother nature gives us further antibiotics that have an even stronger effect than the synthetic drugs. We are glad that quickly get rid of an infection with these drugs, but look completely side effects, disastrous time, they cause them.

Coconut Oil Can Reduce Appetite

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Most people believe that weight loss refers to calories consumed and lost. Although it seems an oversimplification, it is largely true. If your body consumes more energy (calories) than swallows, then you will lose fat. But despite the fact that it is true that we need a calorie deficit to lose weight, this does not mean you have to calculate calories or constantly be aware of them.

How to prepare the healthiest homemade coconut chocolate (raw vegan)

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Brothers chocoholics, what would you think if there was a chocolate that was healthy and also would even help to lose weight? A chocolate that you could give to children without any restrictions? Congratulations, there is one and anyone can prepare it at home, in 10 minutes!


Here are the magic ingredients for this chocolate:


* 14 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil

* 10 tablespoons of carob powder breeds

* 5 tablespoons of coconut flakes (optional)

* 2 tablespoons raw sugar

* a handful of walnuts or almonds chopped

Coconut - a bomb of nutrients and energy

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An extremely healthy and tasty fruit that should be included in the diet of any family is coconut. According to research, coconut has a composition rich in nutrients that contribute to the proper functioning of the body. Next, we will present the nutrient content of coconut and why should this fruit goes on the shopping list.

Why it's good to include coconut in our daily diet?

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Oil or coconut butter is a good source of vegetable fats. It has a high content of saturated fat, so you oxidize more difficult and almost two years until it becomes rancid. But this very high content of saturated fat makes it very controversial. Saturated fats are blamed and not recommended by doctors, nutritionists and researchers alike because of health problems they cause. So why recommend coconut oil or butter?


Can you substitute coconut oil for butter

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Even if oil coconut contain high amounts of saturated fats, they are natural and bring a lot of health benefits. These include stimulating the metabolism and immune system boosters. Coconut oil could represent an alternative to peanut butter for family members who have allergies to nuts or peanuts. ( for more health tips visit )

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How did an American lost over 100 kilograms in one year

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Jarve Hall, a former high school football player in Oregon (USA), has gone from 248 kilograms to 121 kilograms in one year after participating in a famous American show.

The American says it began to gain weight in school, because he was "delighted" by the way he looked and aimed to gain weight as much as possible.

"I started to get fat in school. People told me that if you are larger, are more masculine, more powerful. I was excited, I wanted to be big, "Hall told in the famous reality show.

7 reasons to eat blueberries

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Rich in vitamins, blueberries are ideal diets because it helps revive the body, but can be eaten with confidence and people suffering from diabetes. Nutritionist says what is appropriate to include in our diet.

1. Have a low-calorie and increased nutrients and fiber (100g blueberries = 57kcal), making them suitable to be eaten in moderation in diets;

2. Contain tannins inhibiting bacteria attaching to the walls of the urinary tract, thus protecting the urinary infections;

3. Can help prevent and restore memory loss associated with age;

10 Anti-aging foods

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People have always wanted to discover the elixir of eternal youth. Proof that there are a lot of tales on the theme. Well, not quite always. Since medicine progressed, they have made people live longer. Back when dying 30-some years, they were certainly not concerned about that because they were not aware that there are too old.