Health Benefits of Lime that You Didn’t Know About

by Daniel / Apr 25, 2017 / 0 comments

We can’t help but think of pies every time lime is mentioned. Limes are good for many things not just for making pies. Here are some health facts about lime that you did not know about:

Limes Prevent Cholera

Cholera is caused by drinking water or eating food contaminated with bacteria. However, a recent finding shows that lime prevents the spread of cholera by stopping the growth of the bacteria.

Lime Juice Protects the Body from Cancer Cells

The body’s cells undergo a cycle of birth and death. Death is vital for the elimination of diseased cells to rejuvenate the body. In some instances, the DNA is altered and instead of the cells dying, they start multiplying and spreading and this is when a person develops cancer. Lime has the ability to interfere with the cellular cycle including apoptosis (cellular death) and, therefore, stopping the development of cancer cells.

Limes Protect the Body from Chronic Inflammation

Your body’s natural response when it’s under attack is inflammation. For instance, if you experience allergies, your antibodies try to eliminate the allergen by releasing histamines that cause swelling and rashes. Inflammation is dangerous and can even cause damage to vital organs of the body including the liver, heart and pancreas. This can lead to conditions such as hypertension and arthritis.

Lime has about 31 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. This vitamin is helpful for fighting the causes of inflammation.