Grow Your Eyebrows Naturally - Quick Tips to Stimulate Eyebrow Growth

by admin / Dec 07, 2016 / 0 comments

Naturally thick eyebrows can do wonders in improving a person’s look and appeal. Unfortunately, not all people have been endowed with lush eyebrows. Some have thin eyebrows as the result of waxing, over plucking or genetics. Others also have sparse hair as a result of aging or medical condition.

Good thing that there are now natural methods to ensure that you will achieve healthy and thick eyebrows you would love to flaunt to the rest of the world.

• Castor Oil – This type of oil is rich in protein, vitamins, and fatty acids which can boost hair growth.

• Olive Oil – An oil you can often find in your kitchen, olive oil is a great alternative for promoting hair growth as this has high content of vitamin E.

• Onion Extract – It is another unique product proven to be effective in making your eyebrows grow much thicker. Onion has high sulfur content which helps in production of the collagen tissues required for hair growth.

• Egg Yolk – Also a kitchen staple which can boost hair growth, egg yolk is another wonderful alternative for natural eyebrow growth. Since hair is composed of keratin, egg’s protein content encourages better growth and thickness.

• Aloe Vera – The plant is known for its ability to make hair smooth and soft. This can also encourage hair growth, thanks to its enzymes and other essential nutrients. Eyebrow growth can also be further stimulated by proper nutrition and proper care and grooming.