Foods that Improve Brain Functions for Kids

by Daniel / May 20, 2017 / 0 comments

Giving your children the right food as they grow up is good for their development and particularly the brain. On top of fuelling your kids’ bodies to get through school and extracurricular activities, you also need to provide the brain with the right kind of nutrients to work properly. Here are the best foods for brain development.


Eggs have high concentrates of the compound choline that helps in the development of memory stem cells in the brain. More cells will improve the kid’s memory.

Greek Yoghurt

This yogurt alongside blueberries and cereals add polyphenols and fiber that keeps the kid mentally alert. You can also add dark chocolate into the mix for extra polyphenols for the brain.

More Veggies and Greens

Leafy greens prevent dementia and kale has the essential nutrients and antioxidants that help the brain to grow more cells. Encourage your kid to eat more greens by incorporating them to omelets and pizzas.

Fat-free Milk

This type of milk has high amounts of vitamin D, phosphorus and proteins. Calcium is good for your child because it helps in the development of insulin. If your child is lactose intolerant, you should talk to your doctor to know how your kid can get calcium and vitamin D.


Fish is good for your child because it has omega-3 and essential fatty acids. The omega-3 in fish helps to prevent memory loss. Feed your child salmon, tuna and sardines.

These are a few examples of foods that enhance the mental capabilities of your child. It’s important to give your child these foods because they will change his/her life for the better.