How to gain weight? Heathy Advices

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Tips for healthy muscle formation

In addition to healthy eating, sport is an important factor for those who want to gain weight. If the extra pounds are deposited as fat, the risk of heart disease and the circulatory system would not delay appearing. Muscle growth can be achieved through a combination of regular exercise and diet rich in protein. For starters, we recommend lightweight strength and gymnastics workouts that you can practice in most gyms.


How to use coconut oil for cooking

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Anyway cooking food, there is a risk of inconvenience due to the effects of high temperatures on food. One of the best solutions to this problem is the use of coconut oil. It is quite stable at high temperatures, it offers the benefit of weight loss, boosts heart health and help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Among the many types of oil, coconut is one of the best choices for cooking because it is rich in saturated fat (90%), which means it is less prone to damage when it is heated to temperatures high.

Olive oil vs coconut oil

20 reasons why gluten and wheat should be avoided

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Bread, pasta, breakfast cereals - all we could put in the same category, but it was a title too long, and people mostly consume bread in various forms. Of course, not just wheat is focused on issues of healthy eating, but other grains with gluten: oats, rye, spelled, durum, kamut, but even cereals without gluten: rice, maize, which should also be eaten in moderation. All gladly savor a slice of bread with butter, but some pleasures should rarity or avoided.
Here are 20 reasons to reduce the consumption of bread:

Best Food to Eat in the Morning to Lose Weight

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Consumed raw fruits at the end of a meal slow digestion. Only when cooked by boiling or baking desserts can be easier. Relies on the freshness of fruit to eat fruit at breakfast or dinner replacing heavy foods, full of fat, causing you insomnia.

Fruit consumption has beneficial effects on the body, especially the digestive system. Introduced in the daily diet, the body is revitalized and will soon become better. After 10 days of fruit consumed, the first results start to appear: your body feel lighter, have an easy digestion without heartburn, you have more energy.

10 Disturbing Reasons Why Sugar is Bad For You

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Considered even more dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes, the sugar used worldwide is the nutritionist's new target in the fight against the heart disease and cancer.

Water in the body

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Drinking enough water is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Not only will improve your metabolism, but also it has beneficial effects on your skin and it gives you energy. If you do not want to drink too much water, here are 19 reasons why you should reconsider your opinion!


Your metabolism!