This is what you need to eat when you have stomach ulcer

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Apparently, when you eat the wrong food when you have ulcer can be very harmful, it won't take long for you to be bugged by a sharp or perhaps you notice a gnawing pain in your belly. Which invariably results into nausea, heartburn, vomiting and even bloating and some more other similar symptoms you may experience too and get used to. It is very essential that are choosy with what you eat if perhaps you have a stomach ulcer.

Research has it that there are certain food that are very helpful for preventing and sholving off of stomach ulcer as well as the healing condition too.

Body Clock. What is a biological clock?

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It's amazing how nature has designed the human body, with a capacity to adapt and a fascinating own biorhythm that helps to conserve the energy and enhance functioning organs.

Did you know that our bodies do not always work with the same intensity, but with fluctuations in activity associated with periods of rest? In this way the blood is mobilized selectively in the body by certain organs, depending on their biorhythm and also by human activity at the time.

Body Clock Health Tips

How to make your own kombucha

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In this article you will find out how to make your own kombucha. We found two methods that we would like to share, use them to improve your health. You will find both methodsthem bellow:

How to make your own kombucha (Method 1):

Obtaining this drink is quite laborious, but it can be done at home, as we shall see below:

• in a bowl with a liter of boiling water, put 2 teaspoons of black tea, cover and leave to infuse for 30 minutes then filter and mix well with 100 g sugar.

What is kombucha and how to make it (Kombucha Recipe)

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China's emperors cure :. Kombucha. Mushroom tea jar. More than 2,000 years ago in China, Tsin dynasty, has discovered a fungus that according their opinion gives immortality. It is a strange creature, growing only in sweetened black tea, it's growing rapidly as mass...

What are the foods that give us DEPENDENCE?

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There are only a few of those who don't resist to broccoli, sauté carrots and dandelion tea. Usually and unfortunately you go to a completely different kind of food such as French fries, chocolate chip cookies, chips or pizza. And the worst is that it's addictive. Who can resist the smell of vanilla donuts, pies with cheese or freshly baked aroma of coffee with milk and cream ?! They are delicious, we must admit. And even if we don't have around, we often feel the need to eat something. Why? Because they give addiction, say researchers.

Water and digestion. Should you drink water while eating?

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"The water you drink during the meal is diluting the digestive juice - an absurd myth and false," are saying all the dietitians. Here are the main reasons why they are saying like this and why you should follow their recommendations.

They say you can drink water while eating, because this act does not affect in any way your digestion. It is even recommended, so that you get tired faster and avoid eating in excess. Is it forbidden to drink water during the meal? Myth, disbanded by the nutritionists

Ayurvedic medicine, treatment, remedies, products, recipes

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In a spa, Ayurveda is a term already known, particularly when it comes to a massages with oil. But what lies behind the Ayurvedic food?

Ayurveda - Holistic approach Ayurveda is an ancient Indian teaching about being healthy and currently still applied in India. Diseases are considered as disturbance of the inner equilibrium that must be found. Changes may resort to food, to cleanse, to Ayurvedic remedies special breathing exercises and yoga.

What is paleo diet? Paleo recipes, benefits, rules, plan, food list, breakfast

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Paleo diet is the title of the latest Hollywood trend, in terms of weight loss. What lies? Paleo diet, also known as Stone Age diet allows exclusive consumption of foods that were available and our ancestors in the Stone Age. Thus, diet involves high consumption of vegetables, fruits and meat. We present this great diet, along with some delicious recipes that you can try at breakfast, lunch or dinner. We will not go overlooked but critical opinions against this diet.

What is vegan diet. Vegan life, food, recipes, essentials

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Vegan diet requires giving up all animal foods. To all? And what we can eat without putting our health at risk? These are among the questions that I hear most often vegans. However feel good, without consuming animal products and food.

Natural antibiotics, magical cures for body and soul

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Until the discovery of penicillin, the first antobiotic made man, nature gave us all necessary remedies to treat various diseases or of various diseases. Today, synthetic antibiotics have become a common thing in everyone's life and people are turning to them becoming more and sometimes indiscriminate. I just looked so mother nature gives us further antibiotics that have an even stronger effect than the synthetic drugs. We are glad that quickly get rid of an infection with these drugs, but look completely side effects, disastrous time, they cause them.