Cook Your Potatoes Right

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Potatoes are a favorite for many people but there those who have a bad mouth for them due to their high glycemic index ranking and carbohydrates. And yet, potatoes are healthy and are loaded with vitamins C, B, and fiber.

If you are on a low carb diet, then you may want to learn how to cook potatoes in the right and healthy way. The following are tips on how to prepare healthy potatoes:

Stop Eating Green Potatoes

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We all know that in order to be healthier, we should eat a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits. However, some of these fruits and veggies have dangerous side effects; green potatoes are one of them.

What Scientists Say

Avoid These Foods as they are banned Around the World but not in the United States

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Could you be eating these foods that have ingredients that other countries have said no to? Why are these foods still being sold in the US?

These foods have been red flagged by certified nutritionist Mira Calton and Dr. Jason Calton in their book Rich Food, Poor Food and anyone who is still eating these is basically poisoning themselves. These foods have harmful ingredients that are linked to various ailments including cancer:

Amazing, These 4 Smoothies Will Make You More Intelligent

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The food that you eat has an effect on your brain and its functions. Eating foods that are good for your brain helps you think faster, more clearly and more efficiently. Solids are not the only thing you can eat as you can add smoothies to the list as well.

Protect This Insect at all Costs if You Love Organic Foods

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Many people don’t realize this but the population of bees is declining. It is a fact that more than 50 percent of whole foods in the market right now would not be available it wasn’t for bees. If the population of bees declines further, then we should say goodbye to the following foods:

How to Turn Any Soup into a Healthy Soup

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A bowl of soup comes in handy when the temperatures drop. There are many store-bought soup varieties but nothing comes close to a homemade soup with fresh ingredients.  A homemade soup is the best as you are in control of the taste.

The fact is, soup should not just be tasty, and it should be healthy too. Here are some tips to make soup healthier:

Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

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Guava is a household name in Asian countries, but it can also be found in several parts of the world. It has a distinctive flavor and fragrance and best of all, it has many health benefits, including:

Rich in Vitamin A and C

Guava fruit has four times the vitamin C found in oranges and 10 times of vitamin A found in Lemon.

Keep Dental Plaque Away by Consuming These Foods

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Eating too much sugary foods causes leads to the development of plaque. The plaque bacteria are strong and break down your teeth enamel to cause tooth decay. The plaque bacteria also affect your gums and bones to trigger inflammation.

While there are some foods that cause plaque buildup, there are some that can help you avoid dental plaque. The best ones are the following:

An Easy to Prepare Cancer-Fighting Soup with Tomatoes and Turmeric

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A bowl of tomato soup is an American classic but it’s also loved in other countries such as Poland and Spain. By introducing a few more ingredients, this classic soup can be upgraded into something more powerful, a cancer fighting remedy.

No one wants to hear the bad news of a cancer diagnosis but the sad reality is that this disease is spreading really fast. The good news is, this soup can cut the chances of getting cancer and other health complications.

Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Kumquats

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For those who have never heard of Kumquats, these are small oblong fruits that measure one or two inches in length. They are classified as citrus fruits and resemble small oranges. You can eat them fresh, but also when preserved, pickled or canned. Just like the other citrus fruits, these fruits have many health benefits and they are: