Fighting Diabetes With A Simple Diet

by admin / Dec 08, 2016 / 0 comments

There is a large number of people suffering from diabetes today. Besides, the prevalence of diabetes is increasing day by day. But people are looking at ways to control this condition. A highly effective remedy has been the raw food diet. Here people are consuming raw fruits and vegetables by juicing them up.

Basically this diet includes kale, two apples, two bananas, five kiwis along with half a liter of water. Just mix all of this in a blender. Now consume half a liter of this in the morning. Drink the balance throughout the day. This is a highly effective way to control diabetes. In fact, there will be no need to take any medication for diabetes in case this diet regimen is followed.

Diabetics can consume fruits any time that they feel hungry during the day. They can eat as much of fruit salad as they want. In addition, they can consume tuna fish too as it contains Vitamin B12. This helps the body to fight against diabetes and helps in general well-being. ( for more health tips visit )

Consuming this diet can help a person to fight against diabetes and many other such ailments. This kind of perseverance and discipline will help a person to get rid of this disease without the help of any medications. It helps in controlling weight and blood pressure too. Hence a person will be able to enjoy better health when he follows a raw food diet like this in a strict manner.