Experts are saying that mango leaves can be a cure for diabetes

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Diabetes is a condition that tends to affects various individuals, when this occurs, you would notice that perhaps your body is unable to use the insulin that is present in your body properly or perhaps that the pancreas in your body stops the production of insulin. More often the glucose level in your body rises due to insulin deficiency that may lead to symptoms that an individual would be extremely thirsty, which may also lead to increased urination and unwanted weight loss too.

According to a recent research finding, it has been discovered that an extract from mango leave(s) has been positive towards the treatment for diabetes and proving its neutrality and this factor is due to the blood sugar lowering discovered and perhaps the properties discovered in the hypolycemic.

A research hypothesis was formulated and tested on animal subjects that were being diagnosed for diabetes, and this was carried out by instructing the test subjects to consume the mango extract, which invariably absorb less glucose by their gastrointestinal tract and perhaps which would result to lowering their blood sugar level.


The part of a mango leave(s) that are most useful are the purplish, tender and the very reddish part. And more often the mango leaves that are old and are perhaps green and dark in color, with a pale under its side can be used when dried.

This mango leave(s) has various nutrients that are rich in vitamins a,b and c, it also possesses a very essential antioxidant characteristics, as a result of its flavonoids and phenols high contents. Apparently research has showed that mango leave(s) are very essential in the treatment of diabetes, and the early treatment of diabetes is been carried out by administering the tender leaves that possesses the tannins or popularly called the anthocyanidins. A very powerful compound is also found in the leave(s) and it is known as the (3beta taraxenol and the ethyl acetate extract, that combines with the insulin to stimulate the synthesis of the glycogen and which activate the GLUT4. ( for more health tips check )

Mango tea is very essential for the treatments of diabetic angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy

This is how to use mango leave(s) for the treatment of diabetes.

The first direction is as follows:

1. You may need to Boil about 5-10 mango leaves using a small pot of water.

2. After you might have boiled the leaves let it sit in the water overnight. This would enable it maximize the amount of mango extract that would be left in the water.

3. You may need to Strain the leaves too.

4. After the aforementioned steps you may need to drink the solution first thing in the morning.

Please Note that:

If perhaps you drink the solution without eating will ensure the absorption of as much of the mango leaves diabetes fighting nutrients.

The second direction is as follows:’

1. You may need to also dry the leaves in a very dark place and ground them.

2. When administering you use 1/2 teaspoon of this powdered mango leaves twice a day.

Notably mango leave(s) are very important to your health in all spheres. Then tend to help in the treatment of all aspects of health conditions such as the followings fever, diarrhea, varicose veins, asthma, insomnia, bronchitis and colds. More so this aforementioned leaves can be helpful in lowering your blood pressure and also better make your blood vessels strengthen.

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