Eliminate Bugs from Your Home Using This Non-Toxic Home Made Repellent

by Daniel / Mar 16, 2017 / 0 comments

An insect invasion can ruin your entire day and they can even ruin your outdoor activity or party. This may force you to buy countless chemical repellents to kill the bugs. What you may not know is, chemical repellents do more harm than good as they can cause skin reactions and other serious health complications.

The good news is we have a homemade solution that will keep bugs and insects away. You need the following materials for this homemade insect repellent:

40 drops each of essential oils, cedarwood, lavender and lemon

2 fresh lemons

2 fresh limes


8 springs of fresh rosemary

4 mason jars

Floating tea light candles


Slice the lemons and limes

Place two springs of rosemary into each jar

Fill the jars with ¾ water

Add 10 drops of essential oils (your choice) into each jar

Mix gently

Place a slice of lime and lemon into each jar

Add water to nearly full

Place a floating candle on top

Place them anywhere you want and light them up

Replace the candles as required

Change the mixture and wash the jars every three days.