Eat These Foods to Increase Your Blood Platelets Count

by admin / Jan 08, 2017 / 0 comments

Our blood has different components; the blood components that prevent too much blood loss after suffering from an injury are the blood platelets. They are called blood platelets because they look like small platelets when they are inactive. Once they become active, they develop tentacles that make them resemble small octopuses or spiders.

You should always have normal platelet count to avoid suffering from a condition known as thrombocytopenia. This is a serious condition that may lead to:

  • Slow blood clot
  • Development of purple and red spots on the skin known as petechiae
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Heavier and longer periods in women
  • Excessive nose and gum bleeding

Visiting your medical center for low blood clot treatment is not cheap. Luckily, there are foods that you can add to your diet to increase the number of platelets. Eating the following foods will keep thrombocytopenia away along with its conditions and signs.

Foods Rich in Vitamin K
Other sources of Vitamin K are broccoli, basil, okra, parsley, watercress, kale, celery, spinach, cabbage, mustard greens, Swiss chards, and asparagus. There are many other foods that contain this important nutrient.

Most of you already know that this root vegetable is good for your eyes. What most of you may not know is the Vitamin A in carrots is important for maintaining your normal blood platelet count.

Fresh Milk
Milk is good for you; it has calcium for stronger bones and platelet regeneration. Milk also has Vitamin K that assists the blood clotting process.

They are red in color as if to symbolize they are good for your blood. Eating them in their natural form or drinking the juice is a good way to keep your blood platelet count normal.

Beans are known for their high protein content and are loved by Vegans. They also contain Vitamin B9 also known as Folate, this is a nutrient that helps people suffering from low platelet count.

Lean Protein
Foods that have leans protein are a good source of Vitamin B12 and Zinc, two nutrients that maintain normal blood platelet count. Foods containing lean protein include turkey, fish and chicken.( for more health tips visit )

Raisins have an abundance of iron and are good for your blood. Snack on raisins by sprinkling on your cereals, yogurt and oatmeal and you will never suffer from low platelet count complications.

Papaya Leaves
Papayas have high concentrates of Vitamin C and A. Those suffering from low platelet count can boil Papaya leaves and drink the concoction twice a day.

Garlic may not keep vampires away, if they indeed exist, but will dramatically increase your blood platelet count.