Drink this to Stop Snacking

by Daniel / Jun 13, 2017 / 0 comments

People get calories from regular snacking. This habit can be addictive but there is a simple solution to this, drinking tea.

Tea has special antioxidants that block the enzymes that cause spiking of blood sugars. This is good for people who are pre-diabetic because managing glucose levels is an important part of their overall health. The research also found that tea helps the body to suppress hunger increasing stress hormones after a frustrating event.

Below are the best teas to help you stop snacking:

Black Tea

Stress boosts the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, that raises your appetite and fat storage. Stress eating may not have an immediate impact on your waistline but doing it regularly will cause future weight problems.

The next time frustrations and stress get the best of you, make a cup of black tea and it will make you relax and normalize the cortisol levels.

Green Tea

One bag of green tea has EGCG, an antioxidant that boots the levels of the hunger suppressing hormone, CCK. This helps you to stop snacking even on your favorite foods.

Mint Tea

A study showed that people who inhale peppermint after every two hours stay longer without getting hungry unlike non-sniffers. Mint sniffers also consumed 2,800 less calories throughout the week. The study found that peppermint scent acts as a distraction from hunger pangs and also prevents false feeling of being hungry.

Next time you crave for a snack, brew a cup of either black, green or peppermint tea and the feeling will go away.