Don’t Throw Away the Healthiest Part of an Avocado: The Seed

by Daniel / Mar 14, 2017 / 0 comments

Like most people, you are probably guilty of tossing the avocado seed straight into the dustbin. According to health experts, an avocado seed should not be thrown away as it has 70 percent of the nutritional benefits of the fruit. But the question is; how do you eat an avocado seed?

 Health Benefits of the Avocado Seed

The avocado fruit is regarded as a super food because of its many nutrients. However, many people don’t know that the fruit’s seed has more nutrients than the flesh and the skin combined. The following are the health benefits of avocado seed:

Good got the heart

The avocado seed has anti-inflammatory elements to make it friendly to the heart. Eating this seed reduces the chances of plaque buildup in your arteries and this will protect you from heart attacks and diseases.


The avocado seed has 70 percent of the fruit’s phenolic antioxidants. The antioxidants play a key role in the body by lowering cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure levels, diabetes risk and inflammatory conditions.


Eating avocado seeds reduces your chances of getting a stroke, inflammations and cancer. The seed is also ideal for those suffering from arthritis as it helps to ease joint pains. In addition, the seed has anti-microbial, insecticidal and fungicidal properties.

Improves Digestion

Many people, especially those in South America use this seed to treat digestive problems such as dysentery and gastric ulcers.


The seed has an abundance of soluble fiber; in fact, it is richer in this nutrient than any other vegetable. Soluble fiber has many health benefits including controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Here’s how you can eat an avocado seed:

Have the Following

Four apples

Half avocado seed

A quarter ginger

One banana

Two lemons (peeled)

One stalk of celery

One cup of spinach

One bunch of parsley

With these ingredients ready, follow these steps:

Place the seed into a food processor and process it until it turns into fine powder.

Separate the ground seed into equal portions.

Process the ingredients in a blender or food processor until it becomes smooth.

Strain the smoothie before consuming it.

This will yield a glass of sour and sweet smoothie full of beneficial properties.