DIY Organic Vinegar Recipe – Make Your Own in Just Simple Steps

by admin / Dec 08, 2016 / 0 comments

Vinegar is one of the things in the kitchen that most of you take for granted. But, it’s actually considered as a necessity, not just for cooking, but also for some activities including preserving food and cleaning. In fact, vinegar can also be used as a home remedy for some illnesses. Due to its countless uses, many people want to make their own vinegar.

Well, there are numerous ways to create your own vinegar. Basically, there are two known methods used for making an organic vinegar and these include using fermented fruit and fermented grain. Whatever method you choose, the process is just the same. However, you will need some ingredients such as water, sugar, mixing bowls, measuring cups, filter, strainer, container, non-metal utensils, and fruit or grain.

If you want to use grains, you’ll need a double boiler. If you don’t have one, you may use a pot within a pot. When all the listed equipment above are available, you may begin with the process to make vinegar. The fruit-based vinegar is the more common and much easier out of the two.( for more health tips visit )

If you consider the grain-based vinegar, you’ll have to distill the vinegar, which may be a bit complicated, particularly for beginners. One of the things you should remember when creating your vinegar is that you should work in a clean environment as fermentation requires particular bacteria. You may also add other ingredients for your vinegar like your preferred flavoring.