Coconut oil for immune system

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Organic coconut oil is an ally against seasonal diseases is one of the most potent natural immune stimulants.

Besides being an extraordinary culinary ingredient that can successfully replace butter or ordinary cooking oil, coconut oil has already gained the reputation of superfood. It contains saturated fats that are easily digested and, unlike those of butter, no cholesterol. Of course, coconut oil is still an oil and as such should be consumed in moderation. But if you want to strengthen your immunity, little coconut oil in your daily diet can help tremendously.

Why is organic coconut oil so good for immunity?

Well, coconut oil contains two special ingredients which strengthen your immunity. They are lauric acid and caprylic acid, which have antiviral properties, successfully combating bacterial infections. Among them, the one provoked by the bacteria Candida, sure you heard about that.

Coconut oil is actually made up of 50% of lauric acid, which the body turns it into monolaurin, an antiviral agent that fights many viruses and pathogens. Among them: herpes, cytomegalovirus, HIV, H Pylori, giardia lamblia and others. Beyond all complicated names, important is that coconut oil is the ideal solution for enjoying a high immunity. There are many studies that confirm these qualities.

What to do with coconut oil? That story with the large piece of bread is a joke?

If you want to strengthen your immunity naturally and without unpleasant side effects, consuming coconut oil daily, you can start with a teaspoon a day, even so, its antiviral effects can be quite powerful. Gradually you can increase the amount consumed daily.

Or, you can use coconut oil in the most varied ways: in salads, instead of cooking oil, with bread for breakfast (so no, I'm not kidding). Basically, coconut oil may be included in any preparation or sweet or salty. And when I say anything, just say anything, even guacamole. ( for more health tips visit )

Diversification of coconut oil organic? Well yes!

Moms already know. It can be introduced as the diversification of the food starting from 6 or 7 months. However, breast milk contains high levels of lauric acid, which protects the baby from illness. Call it diversification, it's a healthy practice. The amount of lauric acid received by the baby via breast milk is an equivalent of an adult with about 24g of coconut oil per day or about three-quarters of a spoon.

It works on the skin, or in other words, through the skin

You can apply the bio coconut oil directly on the skin. It is the largest organ of the body, that you know. Thus, coconut oil will become a protective shield against viruses and bacteria. In addition, the body absorbs directly into the bloodstream much of what you apply to the skin in just minutes, so watch how you get to eat with the skin. That's why I've been warned to be careful what cream you use...

It's great, but beware, do not seek miracles ...

Coconut oil is not a cure for any disease, although it has many benefits. To have a strong immune system, you must have a healthy diet (diet is a lifestyle), to avoid alcohol, tobacco, processed foods, sugar, refined cereals and sweet to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible and to practice exercise regularly, or get moving. Coconut oil doesn't make wonders alone.

Like anything else you choose to eat or use, it's important to choose a coconut oil ecologically necessarily virgin deodorized and unbleached, to make sure that all his qualities were preserved intact and that will bring real benefits for health.

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