Coconut Oil Can Reduce Appetite

by admin / Sep 29, 2016 / 0 comments

Most people believe that weight loss refers to calories consumed and lost. Although it seems an oversimplification, it is largely true. If your body consumes more energy (calories) than swallows, then you will lose fat. But despite the fact that it is true that we need a calorie deficit to lose weight, this does not mean you have to calculate calories or constantly be aware of them.

Any help us reduce our appetite can help to reduce calorie intake without having to think about it constantly. It seems that coconut oil has this effect. Many studies over the medium chain fatty acids showed that, compared with the same amount of calories from other fat, increase feelings of fullness and lead to an automatic reduction in calorie intake. This may be associated with the way in which these fats are metabolized.

It is a known fact that ketones in the body (produced by the liver when you eat coconut oil) may have the effect of reducing appetite. Whatever type of mechanism, it works. During one of the studies conducted on six healthy men, the consumption of high amounts of medium chain fatty acids caused by eating less than 256 calories a day. Another study demonstrated that the coconut oil led to decreased food intake. ( for more health tips visit )

Given that coconut oil can increase your metabolic rate and reduce appetite, then it should help you to lose weight on long term. In fact, there are several studies that attest this. The basic idea is that coconut oil can be effective in reducing harmful abdominal fat, which is associated with many diseases and reducing appetite. Both important things you want to lose weight.

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