Body Clock. What is a biological clock?

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It's amazing how nature has designed the human body, with a capacity to adapt and a fascinating own biorhythm that helps to conserve the energy and enhance functioning organs.

Did you know that our bodies do not always work with the same intensity, but with fluctuations in activity associated with periods of rest? In this way the blood is mobilized selectively in the body by certain organs, depending on their biorhythm and also by human activity at the time.

Body Clock Health Tips

The influence of food, but also those of our environment is strongly felt on this biorhythm, facilitating it or disturbing it. It is important to know the functioning of our body to understand what attitude should we take, when and what to eat, how to react to our body's adaptive events.

Human Chronobiology

Many medical specialties are "using" the biorhythm of internal organs. For example in respiratory medicine often some periods of coughing from lung disease starts during sleep, in the morning, when our bronchi "do their toilet." Or endocrinologists use tests that you apply between precise hours, knowing moments of minimum and maximum secretions of hormones!

Body Clock Health Tips

Morning headaches may occur for example at those with respiratory problems, men erection in the morning shows the secretion of testosterone, women have menstrual cycle according to the biorhythm of endocrine glands and so on. Virtually any symptom that shows a periodic frequency is related to this complex biorhythm of our bodies.

To simplify everything, in the current article will present the biorhythm of main organs, this way you can understand when to eat or when to eat fats, what time of day to do sports according to the cardiovascular tone, or simply when is the best period for intellectual work and memorizing.

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