The Amazing Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

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This oil is native to Somaliland where it has been used for religious purposes for a long time. It is also used in aromatherapy for relieving stress, fighting cancer and reducing inflammation among many other health benefits.

You can use this oil by applying on the skin or sniffing it, there is no need to dilute frankincense essential oil but you should do so if you have sensitive skin. The following are the health benefits of using frankincense oil:

Easy Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

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Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED silently. This condition can take away your dignity and masculinity as it prevents you from having or maintaining an erection during sex.

There are many causes of ED and this can be emotional problems such as stress in your relationship, unhealthy habits like smoking cigarettes and excessive drinking of alcohol. But according to experts, 70 percent of ED cases are as a result of medical conditions such as kidney ailments, diabetes, vascular diseases, atherosclerosis and neurological conditions.

The Main Threats to a Woman’s Health

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As a woman, it is good to know the biggest threats to your wellbeing as this will enable you to live a long and fulfilling life. Knowing the conditions that can lead to problems in the future is beneficial because you will take the necessary steps to prevent them. The following are some medical conditions that women should be aware of:

4 Easy Ways to Eliminate Back Fat

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Having back fat such as a back bulge around the bra area or a pesky muffin up top is not fun at all. If you have them, you might feel a little embarrassed but the good news is there are specific exercises that target the back area.

Home Remedies for Bronchitis or Chest Cold

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Chest cold is brought about by a virus infection that starts as a common cold; this condition is usually referred to as bronchitis. It is triggered when phlegm and mucus from your cold end up in the lungs. This causes inflammation in the lungs due to the introduction of mucus.

Use Nutmeg for Better Skin and Shiny Hair

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Nutmeg has incredible health benefits but you can also use it as a beauty regimen. You can use nutmeg powder for shiny hair and acne-free skin at all times.

Acne Remover

You will the following for this cleanser:

This Smoothie Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

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We have the recipe for a blueberry smoothie that will keep your body performing at optimum levels. A recent study showed that this drink can lower your blood pressure.

This Smoothie is the Secret to Having Beautiful Skin

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As people age, the skin becomes rough and develops wrinkles and this is not desirable. Beautiful skin is clear, soft, clean and smooth. Don’t worry if your skin is rough and has developed wrinkles, this smoothie will transform it in a matter of weeks.

This Smoothie Will Help You Balance Your Blood Sugar Level

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This is a wonderful smoothie that has plenty of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, phytonutrients and protein. This healthy smoothie will balance your blood sugar level and maintain it right through the day.

Foods that Improve Brain Functions for Kids

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Giving your children the right food as they grow up is good for their development and particularly the brain. On top of fuelling your kids’ bodies to get through school and extracurricular activities, you also need to provide the brain with the right kind of nutrients to work properly. Here are the best foods for brain development.