Best Food to Eat in the Morning to Lose Weight

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Consumed raw fruits at the end of a meal slow digestion. Only when cooked by boiling or baking desserts can be easier. Relies on the freshness of fruit to eat fruit at breakfast or dinner replacing heavy foods, full of fat, causing you insomnia.

Fruit consumption has beneficial effects on the body, especially the digestive system. Introduced in the daily diet, the body is revitalized and will soon become better. After 10 days of fruit consumed, the first results start to appear: your body feel lighter, have an easy digestion without heartburn, you have more energy.

Eat fruit in the morning
The best time to eat fruit is the morning on an empty stomach, in any case after a meal. This theory is already known and widely adopted, proving its efficiency in practice.
Doing so avoids bloating, excessive loading of the stomach is better appetite control and ensure an optimal intestinal transit. In addition, it plays a major role in detoxifying the body, providing a boost for weight loss or strenuous activity.
If fruits are eaten after a meal because they are fermented itself over food, digesting the food consumed is prevented. It indicated that the fruit be eaten before meals that when in contact with food in the stomach, the entire amount of food begins to ferment. Which is mixed with fruit rotting food gases, and the person feels very bloated. ( for more health tips visit )

Warning: some fruits can have an irritant effect on the stomach, so it is safer to choose for breakfast or dinner: banana, apricot, pineapple, strawberries, watermelon.

To remember:
The fruits are acidic, since alkaline contact with gastric juice. But stomach acid causes associated wrong. Avoid combinations of fruit starch (pasta), sugars (candy) and fats (lard, fatty meat);
Whole fruit is better than juice from squeezing's because the fibers are lost by processing essential for a healthy body. Most of the fiber is contained in the shell;
Carefully wash the fruit peel. It is exposed to treatments with insecticides, dyes, preservatives;
If you squeeze the fruit juice consumed immediately because in contact with air and light, quickly loses its vitamins;
Varies fruits and pick them mainly on the yellow, red or green because they contain a higher amount of vitamins E and C;
In general, most vitamins are found in most parts of colorful fruits (and vegetables);
Prunes have a laxative effect very strong. Rich in fiber and sugars, plums plays a mechanical accelerating and stimulating bowel function. So, avoid eating plums before going to sleep.