Avoid These Foods as they are banned Around the World but not in the United States

by Daniel / Mar 14, 2017 / 0 comments

Could you be eating these foods that have ingredients that other countries have said no to? Why are these foods still being sold in the US?

These foods have been red flagged by certified nutritionist Mira Calton and Dr. Jason Calton in their book Rich Food, Poor Food and anyone who is still eating these is basically poisoning themselves. These foods have harmful ingredients that are linked to various ailments including cancer:

Artificial Food Dyes

Artificial food dyes are made from the same material that is used to make asphalt, gasoline, tar and diesel fuel, petroleum. These are substances that you would never put in your mouth. The artificial dyes are linked to various types of cancers, nerve cell damage and hyperactivity.

Artificial food dyes are found in cheese, drinks, cake mixes, candies and many other foods that a typical American consumes.

Artificial food dyes are banned in France, the U.K, Finland, Norway and Austria.

Potassium Bromate

This compound cuts the baking time during bread production but it is highly toxic and has been linked to kidney diseases, nervous system damage and cancer.

It is found in many bread products such as bagel chips, bread crumbs, breads, rolls and wraps.

It has been banned in Canada, EU and even China.

Synthetic Growth Hormones rBST and Rbgh

Growth hormones, part of GMOs are bad and can cause cancers, excessive growth of muscles, infertility and various infections. People are also calling for the end of using growth hormones in farm animals.

They are found in milk and dairy products.

It’s better to avoid these foods entirely instead of consuming them in moderation.