Are your Underarms Dark? These Habits Might be the Reason

by admin / Jan 17, 2017 / 0 comments

Having dark underarms is not helpful at all. With dark underarms, you won’t be comfortable wearing tank tops, tube tops or bikinis and if you decide to sport them, you’ll have to keep your arms glued to your sides to prevent people from seeing your dark secrets.

Buying even the most expensive underarm whitening products won’t help if you keep doing the things that made your underarms dark in the first place. Here are some of those habits:

Wearing overly Tight Attires

Wearing tight clothes shows off your figure and makes you look trendy but the friction caused by tight attires can darken your armpits. The process of friction scrapes and irritates your skin leading to darkened underarms. Stop wearing tight attires all the time to save your armpits.

Failure to Reduce Unwanted Weight

It is clear that being overweight leads to friction especially in the armpits area and, therefore, leaving them dark. Also, having excess weight triggers hormonal imbalances in the body causing complications such as darkening of certain parts of the body including your underarms.  Reduce unwanted weight by setting regular workouts and consuming balanced meals.

Failure to Exfoliate Regularly

The underarm areas are prone to having dead skin cells leading to darkening. What you need to do is to exfoliate by using a product that has lactic acid as an ingredient. This process removes dead cells and keeps your armpits from darkening.

Using the Wrong Deodorants

Deodorants prevent your armpits from stinking but there are some that have bad ingredients that are harsh to the skin. Applying such products for a continued duration of time makes your armpits dark. It is beneficial to use mild deodorants as they won’t affect your skin.

Using the Wrong Soap

Sometimes it takes more than a bad deodorant to darken your armpit areas. In most cases, darkening of your armpits is caused by using products with potent ingredients that causes the skin to dry. Use mild soaps to prevent skin dryness.

Employing the Wrong Hair Removal Methods

Using the wrong hair removal methods will definitely cause your underarms to darken. Due to different skin types, there are those women who will get bad results after using a certain hair removal method. Don’t choose a hair removal method because of low costs or practicality; check the impact it has on your armpits.

Failure to Observe Healthy Eating

What you put in your mouth affects your skin including your underarms. Eating too many sugary and greasy foods makes you gain lots of weight causing hormonal imbalances. This leads to unhealthy and rough skin with lots of pimples, rashes and dark spots in your armpits.