Are You Obese and You Want to Lose Weight? You Should Know Your Obesity Type

by Daniel / May 08, 2017 / 0 comments

Like almost everything else, obesity isn’t the same. Many people think that the weight loss plans of eating less and exercising more applies across the board but this is not correct. Researchers at the University of Sheffield based in the UK found that there are six types of obesity. To meet the weight loss goals, each one must be addressed accordingly.

Obesity due to Too Much Eating and Eating Junk Foods

We are all exposed to the wrong foods especially those that are filled with sugar and salt. These two ingredients are bad for your health and waist line. If this is your type of obese then cut the amount of food that you take and exercise for about 30 minutes every day.

Obesity due to Too Much Gluten

Those who are sensitive to gluten find it hard to lose weight if they keep eating foods that have gluten in them. Gluten is a type of protein found in many grains and wheat. Adolescent women, women with hormonal imbalances and those at their menopause are the ones who are affected by this type of obesity. You can fight this type of obesity if you avoid foods with this protein.

Obesity Due to Nervousness

Stress has been known to cause weight gain as many who are stressed eat more sweets. Instead of overeating and staying stressed, eat properly and find an activity that de-stresses you.

Obesity Due to Staying Inactive

This obesity type affects people who were once very active but are now living a sedentary lifestyle. Walk more and eat at the right time to treat this condition.

Obesity due to Genes

There are those who are born with a tendency to become obese. The risk goes up if you get pregnant. You should start running exercises and always use the stairs to stay in shape.

Obesity Due to the Accumulation of Fat in Your Tummy

This condition is known as atherogenic metabolic obesity. People with this condition have a big stomach while the other parts stay normal. Reduce your alcohol intake and you will see amazing results.