A Vitamin That Repels Mosquitoes All Summer

by Daniel / May 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Summer time is the best time of the year due to the scorching sun, sandy beaches and longer days but mosquitoes can make this a time to forget. Mosquito repellents have been in use for a long time but there are people who are allergic to DEET, the active ingredient in these repellents and can cause serious side effects. If you are one of these people then you should switch to taking vitamin B1.

This vitamin is also known as a thiamine, an important body mineral that boosts the immunity and fights stress. It is also found in foods such as eggs, kale, brown rice, yeast, oatmeal and asparagus. Even if you eat excess amounts of vitamin B1, it is easily excreted through urination because it’s a water-soluble vitamin.

How does this vitamin repel mosquitoes? Vitamin B1 changes your smell into one that is unappealing to the mosquitoes. People won’t notice the change in smell. This is something that you should go for because it’s all natural with no adverse effects.

You can take this vitamin as supplements or you can DIY. If you choose the supplements, take 100 mg of thiamine every day. Use the following recipe if you prefer to DIY:


Cooled boiled water

One tablespoon of witch hazel

Fifteen drops of tea tree oil

Fifteen drops of lavender oil


Halfway fill an 8oz spray bottle with cooled boiled water. Add the all the other ingredients and you’re good to go. Use this natural repellant every time you need it.