8 Easy Ways to Quit Using Plastic (Part 2)

by admin / Jul 02, 2017 / 0 comments
  • 5. Avoid using plastic toothbrushes, use the ones made from bamboo instead > ecological bamboo toothbrush

    Ecological Bamboo Toothbrush



  • 6. When going for shopping, carry a reusable shopping bag, don’t accept plastic shopping bags.

    Reusable Shopping Bag


  • 7. Instead of using takeaway containers, cover your dishes with a plate or you can use and reuse Ziploc bags.

    Ziploc Bags


  • 8. Buy toilet paper wrapped in paper not the ones wrapped in plastic.


    Feel free to incorporate your own ways of reducing plastic use.


    To make an immediate difference, take the 4RS Pledge:



    Do not buy items wrapped in plastic, say not to straws and carry your own shopping bags and containers.



    Use durable utensils, take-out containers, bottles, non-toxic straws and any other everyday product. Use stainless steel, bamboo, ceramic, paper, glass and wood instead of plastic.



    Cut down on using goods that have excessive plastic parts or packaging. Do not use anything that will leave plastic trash. These are ways to reduce your plastic footprint.



    Pay close attention to the items you introduce into your life i.e. from the source, manufacturing, distribution and finally disposal.



    The eight easy ways are not meant to be overwhelming but simply to show you that it is possible to cut down on the use of plastic. Choose the ones that are doable for you or the ones that will make the most impact.

    Whatever you do, act now to contribute to real positive change.