8 Common Habits That Are Slowly Destroying Your Kidneys-Stop Them Immediately!

by Daniel / May 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Every organ in the human body plays an important role and kidneys are not an exception. The kidneys remove toxins from the body and eliminate excess water. However, a lot of people carry on with habits that are bad for the kidneys and this causes some kidney ailment. The bad habits are as follows:

Not Drinking Enough Water

Those who don’t drink enough water might be at risk of developing kidney disease. The work of the kidneys is to remove waste from the body while maintaining the right balance of erythrocyte in the system. When the body is not properly hydrated, the flow of renal bloods goes down. This leads to a buildup of waste in the body.

Keeping the Bladder Full for Hours

Never prolong going to the bathroom as this can lead to dire consequences. The buildup of urine pressure in the kidneys (hydronephrosis) diverts the pressure back to the kidneys and this can cause renal failure.

Taking Too Much Sodium

The kidneys find it hard to eliminate sodium from the body and this causes them to have extra stress. According to statistics, 90 percent of Americans eat dangerously excess amounts of salt.

Taking Too Much Caffeine

When we get thirsty, we usually reach out for a soft drink or soda. What you might not know is that these drinks have high amounts of caffeine. Excessive consumption of caffeine can cause blood pressure leading to kidney damage.

Abusing Painkillers

Taking painkillers every time you feel pain is bad for your body as they harm the functions of the kidneys.

Taking Too Much Proteins

Eating foods with high amounts of protein can be bad for your kidneys. Eating protein is good for your health but do not take too much of it to avoid making your kidneys sensitive. Too much protein raises the metabolic load.

Ignoring Colds and Flu

Never ignore a cold or flu. Take some time to rest when you contract a cold or flu to keep your kidneys in good condition.

Drinking too Much Alcohol

Only drink alcohol in moderation to avoid kidney damage.