7 Signs that You Are Consuming Too Much Sugar

by Daniel / Apr 21, 2017 / 0 comments

“Too much of something is poisonous” this is a saying that most of us are aware of and it’s no exception when it comes to sugar. Eating too much sugar is a common occurrence and studies have shown that it can lead to dire consequences. The following will help you know whether you are eating too much sugar:

Tired all the time

Eating excess amounts of sugar makes you lose the natural body energy and this leaves you feeling exhausted. If you feel tired all the time and rest doesn’t seem to control this, then it’s likely that you are taking too much sugar. Reduce the amount of sugary foods that you are having and you’ll feel an immediate impact.

Sugar Cravings

Studies have shown that sugar can be addictive than heroine. If you begin to experience sugar cravings then there’s a high probability that you are taking too much sugar and you should reduce the intake.

Frequent Colds

Taking foods with high sugar content makes your body weak and it won’t be able to fight flu viruses and colds.

Anxiety and depression

If you have sugar cravings but you don’t want to give in, you will experience symptoms of withdrawal and this equates to depression, sadness, lethargy and social withdrawal.

Dark Circles

People who take too much sugary foods get dark circles under their eyes and this can be pretty annoying. Stop buying expensive products to end the dark circles, just stop taking too much sugar and the dark circles will slowly disappear.

Weight Issues

Consuming too much sugar for a long time can make you gain weight and this can lead to obesity and diabetes. These two conditions can have a serious implication on your quality of life.

High blood pressure

Your blood pressure spikes every time you take too much sugar. Many people blame sodium for this condition but studies show that sugar can be a cause too.