5 Smoothies for Better Sex Life

by admin / Jan 23, 2017 / 0 comments

Many people like smoothies because they are tasty, nutritious and easy to make. Depending on the ingredients that you are using, you can make a smoothie that improves your performance in bed. Here are five smoothie recipes that can work as a natural aphrodisiac:

The Watermelon Smoothie

Take a piece of watermelon with the rind still intact and add some basil, ice and a cup of coconut water. This smoothie contains high amounts of citrulline because of watermelon. This amino acid is converted to arginine by special enzymes in the body. Arginine increases the flow of blood to all organs of the body improving sexual arousal.

The Red Smoothie

For this red smoothie you’ll need one medium sized red beet, blueberries and strawberries (a cup each) and one sliced red apple. You’ll also add half an avocado, celery stalk (half), shredded baby kale and ice. This smoothie boosts your blood and this can result to improved libido.

Another Red Smoothie

This is just like the first red smoothie but you will replace the berries with fresh ginger and five carrots. These ingredients are nutritious and they have nitrates and antioxidants. This smoothie increases blood flow, maintains good blood pressure and improves body response especially when in bed.

Yellow Orange Smoothie

For this smoothie, you’ll need papaya and mango both half a cup, one teaspoon of jalapeno, half a cup of almond coconut milk and a tablespoon of ginger. This smoothie has important elements such as capsaicin from jalapeno that improves the energy levels and blood flow for better sexual response.

Maca Smoothie

Maca root is a well known aphrodisiac so its presence in this list is justified. The ingredients for this smoothie include banana (half), skim milk (half a cup), pineapple (half a cup); a tablespoon of soy powder and one teaspoon of maca. This smoothie works for both men and women by increasing sex drive.

Try some of these smoothies if you need to improve your bedroom performance naturally.