5 Reasons You Should Eat More Brussels Sprouts

by Daniel / May 11, 2017 / 0 comments

Brussels sprouts are not as popular as Chinese pak choi, its cousin in the Gemmifera group. Brussels sprouts were initially grown in Belgium but now, they are mainly grown in Washington and California. The following are the health benefits of consuming Brussels sprouts:

They are a Good Source of Vitamin C

Brussels sprouts are a good source of vitamin C and eating them regularly suggests that you will keep your immune system strengthened while bringing down oxidative stress by suppressing the state of copper and iron atoms.

Low Fat and Sodium Content

Brussels sprouts are good for a healthy heart because in every 100 grams you will get 0.3 mg of fat and 25 mg of sodium. This means that you will lower the chances of fat accumulating in your arteries or having conditions such as hypertension and edema.

Fights Cancer

Brussels sprouts have a chemical known as sulforaphane. This chemical is an anti-cancer as it cuts the chances of contracting this disease. Brussels sprouts also have antioxidants such as isothiocyanates and glucosinolates that also provide the same benefits. Do not boil Brussels sprouts as doing so will kill the nutrients. You should steam them, stir fry or microwave them.

They are Readily Available

You can find this type of vegetable in supermarkets and grocery stores especially if you are in Europe and North America.

It’s Great for Expectant Women

Brussels sprouts have folic acid, also known as folate; a nutrient that aids the health of fetuses to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida and cleft palate.