3 Reasons You Should Eat More Animal Liver

by Daniel / May 08, 2017 / 0 comments

There are many superfoods being listed these days and one of the most potent is animal liver and this includes liver from duck, chicken and cow. Any liver that you eat has plenty of nutrients.

Animal liver is highly nutritious and the following three reasons will make you start munching on them.

High Vitamin B12 Content

Vitamin B12 plays a very crucial role in our body in the formation of red blood cells and improving our cellular functions. This vitamin enhances our moods, memory energy, skin, hair and digestion.

More B Vitamins

Animal liver has lots of other B vitamins such as B6, biotin and folate. Folate is good for cellular function and methylation (a reaction that relies on folate to form DNA and proper division of cells).

Liver Prevents Anemia

Animal liver has plenty of vitamin A and iron. Add B12 and folate to the equation and you have a natural superfood that fights anemia.

Liver has high-quality proteins and traces of copper, zinc and chromium. You will also find a nutrient known as CoQ10 that keeps up our cardiovascular functions. Finally, liver is a good source of purines, compounds that have nitrogen; these are precursors of DNA and RNA.

These benefits are the reason animal liver is considered to be a superfood. Many people don’t like eating this organ while others avoid it mainly because its associated with toxins. Liver does not have any toxins because it does not store them.