15 Practical Uses for Coke That Will Make You Avoid Drinking It

by Daniel / May 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Coke, a drink from the Coca-Cola Company is the world’s most preferred soft drink. However, despite its quenching and delicious taste, some scientists have discovered that this drink is poisonous and can negatively affect your health. Surprisingly, they discovered that this drink would be more useful for your household chores.

This drink is highly acidic and can destroy your teeth’s enamel. Coke’s pH value is 2.5 which is too much as the one in battery acid is 1; for water, the pH value is 7. This means that you can use this drink as a house cleaning agent and here’s how:

  1. It can effectively remove grease from your fabrics
  2. It kills snails and slugs
  3. You can use coke to de-scale a kettle
  4. You can use it to remove blood stains from your garments
  5. Coke can be used to clean engines
  6. You can pour some coke on the area of the floor that has grout to remove it
  7. You can soak your hair for 2 minutes in coke to remove gum
  8. You can use this drink to clean the battery terminals
  9. Shine your pennies by soaking them in coke and then scrub
  10. Coke can be used as a toilet cleaner
  11. Use it to remove hair dyes
  12. Clean burnt pans by pouring some coke; let it dissolve the dirt and grease and the wash off.
  13. Clean paint from metal furniture by soaking a towel in the acidic drink and rubbing it on the stains
  14. You can use coke to eliminate marker stains
  15. You can wipe the rust off your bolts by soaking them in coke.

Did you know that?

People who drink coke have a 48 percent chance of suffering from a heart attack or stroke.

The carbonation in coke leads to loss of calcium in bones; this weakens the bones by making them soft.

By taking a look at the household uses of coke, it is quite clear that you shouldn’t drink it.